Jewish facilities

The Sinai Centrum provides Jewish facilities for a range of lifestyles. These include access to the Synagogue at our location in Amstelveen and kosher meals served in our restaurant (on request), for those who value these aspects of Judaism.

The Sinai Centrum also has two spiritual counsellors who can provide reflection and guidance on life questions related to illness, grief and loss: Daniel van Praag (Orthodox Judaism) and Menno ten Brink (Reform Judaism). Both Daniel and Menno offer counselling to both Jewish and non-Jewish people who are receiving mental health care through another branch of Arkin.

You can contact our spiritual counsellors directly at the following phone numbers and email addresses:
• Daniel van Praag: (020) 545 7213,
• Menno ten Brink: (020) 545 7200 (ask for Menno via the receptionist),

Do you have other questions regarding the Jewish GGZ? Feel free to contact the mental health practitioners of the Jewish GGZ on Wednesdays or Thursdays. We will be happy to help you with any questions about mental health issues and types of treatment.