Jewish GGZ at the Sinai Centrum

The Jewish GGZ is a provider of mental health services to the Jewish community and to others with a similar need for treatment and support. We offer evidence-based mental health services for those struggling with a wide range of problems, including anxiety, depression, personality disorders and PTSD.

If you are struggling with psychological problems, it’s important to find treatment at a place where you feel understood. The Jewish GGZ is here to help people with a Jewish or Israeli background who are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD or personality disorders. Our expertise is also available to those with a non-Jewish background who struggle with mental health problems explicitly related to persecution – either through personal or family experience – during World War Two. For example, those who were persecuted during the occupation of the former East Indies, or their children.

Do you want to know more about our treatment, waiting list or Jewish facilities? For questions, concerns or advice, feel free to contact the mental health practitioners of the Jewish GGZ on Wednesdays or Thursdays. We will be happy to help you.