Effective treatment

The Sinai Centrum has been providing care for people with a Jewish background since 1960. It is one of only a few Jewish mental health services in all of Europe, and is well-versed in both empirically based treatment protocols and the broad spectrum of Jewish culture, religion and identity. We regularly hear from our clients that this expertise and affinity helps them feel seen, heard and supported. When the wider context is already understood, this leaves more time to get to the heart of the problem.

Our therapists and mental health care providers also have a deep understanding of the intergenerational transmission of war-related trauma. This is not only relevant to the Jewish experience in the wake of the Holocaust, but also to people from other backgrounds dealing with trauma that stems from World War Two and related conflicts, such as the Indonesian war of independence.

Jewish GGZ: part of the Sinai Centrum and Arkin
The Sinai Centrum, a centre with Jewish origins, specialises in providing PTSD treatment for everyone in the Amsterdam area who needs it. The Centrum is part of Arkin, one of the largest providers of specialised mental health services in Amsterdam and the wider region. This means that, if needed, we can arrange internal referral to the most suitable specialised care expertly and efficiently. After referral, our clients still have ready access to the Jewish facilities offered by the Sinai Centrum.

Do you want to know more about our Jewish facilities or how to apply for treatment? For questions, concerns or advice, feel free to contact the mental health practitioners of the Jewish GGZ on Wednesdays or Thursdays. We will be happy to help you.